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What is #MTAMO?

  • My Tweets Are My Own (or “#MTAMO”) is a declaration used on Twitter to explain that regardless of who we work for, the content, tone, and opinions expressed in our personal timeline are just that - personal.

    The lines between our private lives and our professional lives have been slowly eroding over the years. Potential employers now check Facebook and Twitter as standard part of the hiring process.

    That said, simply working for a company does not imply that every action we take or every word out of our mouths is a reflection upon that company.

    If I am tweeting on behalf of a company, for a corporate account, then I should without question be held to corporate social media standards for that account. But if I'm tweeting from my personal Twitter account, my company doesn't get to hold that against me, and others don't get to hold it against my company.

    We are not robotic drones working for corporations. We're actual people. You'll like some of us, you won't like others so much. We're going to have good days and off days. We're going to occasionally overreact, because we're human. But being great at our jobs and being people you like personally are not one and the same, nor are they interchangable. If you don't like what we have to say, don't follow us - but leave the folks we work for out of it. If you kick sand on us at the beach or act like a jerk to us at a bar, we're not going to go running to your boss. Why would we? Your behavior outside of work has nothing to do with your job. We expect the same consideration from you online.

    And if we work for you, remember that you hired us to be part of your diverse team because of our life experiences, personalities, strengths and even some of our weaknesses. They are part of what make us unique and valuable to you. Our humanity and passion are what allows each one of us to bring something different to the table - to your table. Don't punish us for that.

    When we are on the clock for you, we maintain the expected level of professionalism - which often means not sharing exactly what we're thinking in the interests of a harmonious office environment. When we are not on the clock for you, however, you have absolutely no right to dictate what we can and cannot say, to whom we can say it, and how we are to express it.

    You pay us to do a job, you do not own us. When you allow us to flourish personally, you will get more out of us professionally.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has no problem with my tweets. This is for my fellow Twitter folks who work for less understanding companies. Feel free to add the #MTAMO hashtag to your tweets or to your Twitter bio to show solidarity. Or don't - I'm not here to judge you either way. If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, you should probably read this first.